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Creating Your Estate Plan Complimentary eBook

“Creating Your Estate Plan” is a nine-part comprehensive guide to estate planning that explores why you need to have an estate plan and how you can protect all of the people you love, property, and assets in your life with proper planning.  The book explores how estate planning is for everyone and asks important questions for planning such as:

  • What happens to your property and assets if you don’t have a spouse or children?
  • Who will care for your minor children if you and your spouse suddenly pass away?
  • How much power do you want to give the state in deciding who gets your property after you pass away?
  • What will happen to your financial affairs and personal care if you become disabled? Who will manage your affairs and decide what happens with your medical care?
  • How much of your estate could be vulnerable to estate taxes?

Learn about the various solutions estate planning attorney C. Keila Nakasaka uses to help her clients protect the people they love and their assets for now and in the future. Complete the information below to request your free ebook copy by email.  The article, Why Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?  helps explain why good planning with an experienced professional are a winning combination for the ultimate asset protection planning.

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