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Gary Welch

Marketing Director

Personal Bio

Born in Southern California, Gary’s family moved to the Midwest in the early 70s. After graduating from High School, Gary joined the U.S. Navy and served 20 years. During this time, he got married, started a family, went to college, and developed skills in management and business.Upon retirement from the military, Gary started working in Sales and Marketing and eventually started his own Marketing Consulting company, Welch S&P. It was with this company that Gary met Glen Wagstaff and joined up with him to form the LSPN. Gary has been married to his wife, Elizabeth, since 1978 and they have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren.

Business Bio

Gary is now the Director of Operations and partner for LSPN, a network of professionals that service the legal and financial market. Gary also serves as the Marketing Director and Director of Staff Development for Inter Vivos PLLC. Gary’s passion is to find the best solutions for his clients and partners. He is committed to creating and developing organizations that are centered on integrity, mutual respect, and strong drives to achieve success. He is a devout advocate for Network Marketing and using the power of people-to-people connections, combined with Win-Win opportunities, to grow his companies. 

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